A Day in the Life of an Afghan Student

As you are now aware, John Hay Elementary has made a commitment to help Journey with an Afghan School build six more rooms onto their school in northeastern Afghanistan.  To this end, classes are conducting a variety of fundraisers, from make & bake sales, buttons, and scarves to 4th and 5th grade families eating out at Sezoni – it’s all going to a very worthwhile cause. 

Now we want to take the next step – educating our students a bit more about life in Afghanistan, especially the life of a student in rural areas.  Ms. Bolz of Journey with an Afghan School will be speaking at the Wednesday morning assembly and we have arranged for two or three Afghan exchange students to come and speak to students in their own classrooms.

Each grade level will have a video to show that was put together by another school on their experience when some of the teachers and principal actually travelled to the school they were supporting in Afghanistan.  Ask your child’s teacher what time they will be showing it if you would like to see it for yourself.

Students have been making passports in art with the help of Dr. Badger.  They brainstormed ideas about what they could do to experience a little bit more about life in Afghanistan.  They will be getting their passports stamped both in school and at home when they have accomplished any of the items on their passports.  These ideas range from using less electricity (computers, games, lights, etc.), to wearing a scarf to school.  (Ms. Bolz showed the girls and boys how the kids in Afghanistan wear scarves.)  They have also entered things like bathe less, carry your water (no indoor drinking fountains) and take shoes off before entering the classroom.  Students will do as much or as little as they wish, but we hope that you will encourage them and even come up with some of your own ideas for the blank pages of the passport.

Finally, a very special treat will be coming at lunch time with Wali, the owner of Kabul in Wallingford.  He has generously agreed to bring in some very basic Afghan food for our students to sample at lunch.  It is only a tasting so please plan for your child to bring/buy lunch as usual – but do encourage them to at least taste what Afghan students would be eating at a typical lunch.

Last, but certainly not least – our final push for this commitment will be an extremely fun family evening on March 12th – our second annual Sock-Hop for Afghanistan.  Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information soon. Recent exciting news is that The Paul Allen Foundation will match any funds raised for Journey With an Afghan School.

Questions?  Contact Kathy Aminian at ksaminian@seattleschools.org


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