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SSIA Open House and Readers Workshop

Successful Schools In Action (SSIA) is local organisation dedicated to supporting the cluster schools of John Hay, Coe, Queen Anne Elementary, Blaine, Lawton and Mclure.

They have two events coming up, an open house Tuesday, March 29’th from 3-6pm at their new offices at McClure Middle School.

Second, they have scheduled a Readers Workshop – a 5-week series for adults beginning April 27 to help deepen a love of reading for both adults and students, explore different genres, and learn classroom reading strategies to use at home.

Readers Workshop 2011 flyer

SSIA Open House Invite


Save PE in our schools!

Dear John Hay Families:

There is a new bill out there that may come up; it is called HB 1025- The School Flexibility Act.  This bill seeks to  ELIMINATE THE K-8 Physical Education Requirement!!!  Scroll to the bottom of the bill and see what is in there that is being repealed.

Sec. 17.  The following acts or parts of acts are each repealed:
(1) RCW 28A.210.255 (Provision of health services in public and private schools–Employee job description) and 2003 c 172 s 2;
(2) RCW 28A.210.365 (Food choice, physical activity, childhood 4 fitness–Minimum standards–District waiver or exemption policy) and 5 2007 c 5 s 5; 6
(3) RCW 28A.220.050 (Information on proper use of left-hand lane)  and 1986 c 93 s 4;
(4) RCW 28A.220.060 (Information on effects of alcohol and drug 9 use) and 1991 c 217 s 2;10
5) RCW 28A.220.070 (Rules) and 2000 c 115 s 11;11
(6) RCW 28A.220.080 (Information on motorcycle awareness) and 200712 c 97 s 4 & 2004 c 126 s 1;
(7) RCW 28A.220.085 (Information on driving safely among bicyclists and pedestrians) and 2008 c 125 s 4;15
(8) RCW 28A.230.040 (Physical education in grades one through16 eight) and 2006 c 263 s 4, 1984 c 52 s 1, & 1969 ex.s. c 223 s 28A.05.030; and
(9) RCW 28A.230.150 (Temperance and Good Citizenship Day–Aids inprogramming) and 1969 ex.s. c 223 s 28A.02.090

Please check the wahperd website ( for resources to read through to keep you informed as you write to your representative.

Listed below are the sponsors of the bill with their emails.   Larry Crouse out of Spokane is the main sponsor, but we need to email all of these people including our own local representatives and senators.

Things to highlight in your emails:

1.       Academic benefits of physical education.
2.       Obesity stats:  34% now, predicted to be 40% by next decade.
3.       We need more PE, not less!!
4.       Do not balance the budget on the backs of our students who need to be active!
5.       This generation of student is predicted to not out live their parents because of the obesity and diabetes epidemics.
6.       Our state spends about 1.8 billion dollars each year for health care costs due to obesity and diabetes.
7.       Let’s put some money into to prevention rather than treatment; prevention costs less than treatment!.

Legislators tend to respond to emails that is your own text for your emails, rather than all of us sending them a “form email”.

Thanks and let’s work hard to reverse this bill!

Here is the list of emails:



Successful Schools in Action has an opening for a temporary, part-time event planner to help with our annual Breakfast Fundraiser. Position will last approximately two months, from mid-December through mid-February. For more information, please email Lisa Moore, SSIA Executive Director, at:


Remember to Vote by November 2nd!

The upcoming election has an important issue affecting our Seattle schools that you should be aware of.

The Seattle School Board voted unanimously at its July 7 meeting to place a three year, $48.2 million operations levy before Seattle voters on the Nov. 2, 2010, general election ballot. These levy funds are specifically targeted to:

—Reduce the number and severity of cuts ($25.5M) that will have to be made to instructional programs and services over the next several years. The state has made dramatic cuts to K-12 funding over the past two years – approximately $32 M over the 2008-09 and 2009-10 school year; and a funding gap of approximately $28 M is estimated for 2011-2012.

—Support our students, teachers and classrooms ($16.8 of $19 M)* – additional collaboration time for teachers ($4.6 M); career ladder stipends for teachers ($5.1 M) and a 1% pay increase for teachers in year 2 and an additional 1% in year 3 of the new teacher’s contract ($5.4 M); also $2.4 M to implement the new teacher evaluation system.

—New textbooks and classroom materials for elementary music, middle school language arts, and high school science and social studies – ($5.9 M) – these materials will be in schools for fall 2011.

To read the fact sheet about the levy, please click here.

Please remember to get your ballot in before November 2!

9/17 Friday Update from Ms. Hanson

This special report, provided each Friday through September, will provide up to date information from Ms. Hanson around school enrollment, staff changes and adjustments in programs.  As we have transitioned to a reference area school, our school has faced a surge in enrollment that has surpassed district projections by approximately 37 students.    This update is provided as a way of informing the John Hay community of how the transition is impacting our students, teachers, programs and services.


As of this report, our enrollment is 490 students.  Our second grade classes are overloaded at 30, 30 and 29.  Our fifth grade classes are overloaded at 33 and 35.

Plan of Response:

Second Grade:  This week, I met several times with affected staff to discuss reasonable and prudent responses to the second grade overload with targeted and strategic action to take place next week.  Families affected by the overloaded classes in second grade will receive a letter from Ms. Hanson early next week with information and details surrounding my plan of action to respond to this overload.

Fifth Grade:  While we continue to wait for decisions to be made around additional funding, we are continuing to support our 5th grade classes with increased adult support, and smaller size practice groups as needed.  Discussions are ongoing regarding responses to this overload with a solution anticipated the first week of October.  This delay is due to the need for news around additional resources that may come from the district following the results of the October 1 state-wide count.

In the meantime, Ms. Kaiser and Ms. Powers are doing an amazing job of providing excellent teaching given the challenge of the high class size.  Tutor support will remain in place and Ms.  Wood will begin providing Pathways support to the classes next week as well as additional math Co-Teaching support in 5th grade.

Next Friday’s update will include a full report on the action plan to be implemented in support of our second grade students.

Reminder: Drop-in Meeting w/Dir. Michael DeBell on Saturday

Drop-in Meeting w/Dir. Michael DeBell

Seattle Public Schools
District IV Community Meeting
with School Board President Michael DeBell

Saturday, 9/18/10
9:00am - 11:00am

Caffè Appassionato
4001 21st Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98199
(next to Fisherman's Terminal)

Please join School Board President Michael DeBell for coffee and an informal, drop-in community meeting to discuss public school issues and opportunities

SPS School Board

8/27 Friday Update from Ms. Hanson

8/27 Friday Update from Ms. Hanson

This special report, provided each Friday through September,  will provide up to date information from Ms. Hanson around school enrollment, staff changes and adjustments in programs.  As we transition to a reference area school, our school will be facing ripples in program delivery and other challenges as our enrollment shifts.  This update is provided as a way of informing the John Hay community of how the transition may impact our students, teachers, programs and services.

read the full update here: 8 27 friday update-1