Look Ahead to Fall 2011

Staff News:

Farewell to Ms. Delaney

Ms. Genny Delaney, our beloved Reading Specialist has decided to retire at the close of this school year. Ms. Delaney came to John Hay in the fall of 1999 and has made a significant impact on hundreds of readers since then.  In addition to teaching our students as a specialist in reading, she has served our staff through professional development seminars and her extensive knowledge around the emergence and development of reading.  While we are thrilled for Ms. Delaney, we are all sad to see her go.  She will be missed and thought of often in the days ahead. 

Ms. Delaney’s position will be posted and interviews will be held during the month of May.  Please join me in thanking Ms. Delaney for the indelible impact she has had on our students, our staff and this community through her passion and commitment to her belief that all John Hay students can and must think of themselves as readers who not only read, but LOVE TO READ. 

Thank you Ms. Delaney!

Ms. Badger begins a new and exciting journey!

Ms. Shellwyn Badger, our art specialist, has been granted a study leave for the upcoming school year.  Ms. Badger, already a world traveler and lover of cultural arts, will be spending time over the next year traveling to Brazil to continue pursuing her passion for world cultures and art.  Ms. Badger has been at John Hay for the past two years and has brought her vast experiences and devotion of the visual arts to the students of John Hay while helping to develop a genuine appreciation and authentic practice of art. 

She is an artist who is also a teacher, and we have been very fortunate to have her here to influence our thinking and stretch our creative minds.  Thank you and best of wishes to Ms. Badger in her journeys ahead.


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