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A Change to PCP

With expanding numbers of students resulting in the addition of another classroom next year, our PCP Art room will be converted to an instructional classroom beginning in the fall of 2011.  As many of you know, we currently hold a 5th grade classroom on the stage.  That classroom will be brought into the main hub of the building next year creating the need to use room 200 (the PCP Art room) for instruction. 

And so, with this change comes the need to adjust our PCP class offerings as the classroom used for art over the past two years will no longer be available. Thus, beginning in September, the third PCP class to complement Library and PE for K-5 students will move from a visual arts class to theater arts, or a drama class, and a qualified drama teacher will be hired this spring.  Drama has been offered to Hay students on a limited basis over the past several years and has become a highly valued experience for students and for the enrichment of core learning.  The addition of drama as PCP will allow students to experience drama once per week from the first to the last day of school!  Drama, like visual arts, will continue to provide students the opportunity to express themselves in creative ways within the context of the school day.  Drama classes will be held in the classroom, the lunchroom, outside as appropriate, or on the stage area when available.

 And, There’s Even More Exciting PCP News!

Also due to our expanding enrollment, the district has allocated us an additional .5 (half time) PCP teacher to serve our growing number of students.  After much deliberation and discussion, we have selected a morning vocal music /creative movement class to be our 4th PCP option for our K-2 students.  This means that students in the primary grades will have one PE, Library, Drama and Vocal Music/movement class to enjoy every week!  The Creative Movement component of the new class will be designed to provide our littlest students additional time to be up, active and moving during the school day; a practice that recent research shows to have a significantly positive impact on a child’s learning. 

Our Intermediate students will experience two full PE classes per week in addition to one drama class, so that they will also have more intentional time to leave their desks for exercise and movement during the school day.  Both our new drama teacher and music teacher positions will be filled this spring.

What is PCP?  

PCP, short for Preparation/Conference/Planning, is a time during the instructional day (a minimum of 150 minutes per week) where teachers are contractually freed from teaching students to prepare for teaching, conference with team members, and conduct lesson planning.  At Hay, PCP occurs four days per week for 40 minutes per day.  During a teacher’s PCP, students attend other classes with a ‘specialist’ such as PE, Library, Music, Drama, etc.  The content of the PCP courses is determined by the principal in consultation with the school staff.


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