John Hay News May 2011

Dear John Hay Family Member,

As I write this letter to you today, our third through fifth grade students are participating in the Measures of Student Progress (MSP) testing, taking place all this week.  Our students have worked hard this year in all grades to learn and achieve.  We are proud of the work that has been accomplished and so very pleased with the progress that all of our students have made so far this year.  The spring testing that will occur over the month of May is the first step in a yearlong cycle of evaluating our practice and our performance in areas of teaching and learning.  Highly effective schools use data, such as the results of the MSP and the MAP (coming later this month) to provide key trend and situational data that allow us to examine and hone our focus and our efforts.  Next fall, we’ll use this data to make adjustments to our Continuous School Improvement Plan (C-SIP) and to our decision making and preparations for classroom instruction.  John Hay has a long tradition of tying our practice to student performance; another quality that makes our school so effective.  In addition to the administration of key assessments, May is also the time to soak up some sun and look forward to the close of another successful school year.  Energy levels climb, outdoor field trips take place, and most importantly, teachers implement activities that allow students to practice and solidify the skills and new learning acquired this year. 

Also this time of year, we look forward to several appreciation events for those in our school who have come together to create and support learning for kids all year long. 

  • Thursday, May 12th we’ll be celebrating the fine work of our wonderful support staff (Instructional Assistants, tutors, lunchroom staff and custodians) who work alongside teachers to provide supplemental support. 
  • And, on the morning of Friday, May 20th, teachers and staff will host our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast where we take the opportunity to thank and praise the parents, grandparents and community members who spend countless hours cutting, pasting, copying, working with kids and assisting in our classrooms; often in the background where much hard work is accomplished away from view. 
  • And lest we forget; during the week of May 31-June 3 families and students will be honoring the work of our amazing and talented certificated teaching corps.

 I love celebrations!  Especially when the celebrations and acts of appreciation are so very well deserved and so humbly received.  Watch the daily bulletin and kid mail for all the details surrounding the upcoming May celebrations of thanks and appreciation to all of those working so hard for our kids. 

John Hay is a very special school – and it is the hearts of the people that make it so.  Allow me to be the first to say thank you to all of you; to staff, parents, community members and  students for your devotion and dedication to the great work of John Hay Elementary School.

Kari Hanson, Principal

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