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John Hay Auction 2011 – Everything you need to know!

 RSVP ASAP!  The 2011 Auction is just around the corner…Have you turned in your RSVP?  Did you know that the auction is not only a fun-filled evening, but also our biggest “fun”draiser of the year!  Click rsvp to print out another copy.

NUMBERS!  As of April 11th, we have 275 people signed up to attend.  Did you know, we have over 500 students…assuming 2 parents per kid…this is over 1,000 adults.  Can you do the math?  At this point in time, only 25% of families are planning on attending the auction. 

For the online line auction, there are only 166 people signed up.  That is 16% of the school population! Register NOW at www.biddingforgood.com/johnhayauction

NEW FAMILIES!  If you are a new family to John Hay, we personally invite you to this event.  It is a great chance to meet other families and be welcomed into our John Hay community!  Or, if you’ve just forgotten to send in your RSVP, please do it today…the ShowBox Sodo is a hip, cool and fabulous location…not only perfect for a night out, but a night out with lots of great surprises! 

DESSERT DASH!  Are you a fabulous baker (or buyer…we won’t tell)?  The Dessert Dash needs you!  Each table will fill out a bid sheet and the table with the highest dollar amount will get first pick of the fabulous desserts.  If you don’t bid high, you might get the Twinkie platter!  However, we can’t do it without your help.  Even if you can’t attend the auction, can you make a dessert?  We would love it if you could. 

WINE GRAB!  We have lots of fabulous fine wines.  But, we need wine for the Wine Grab. Don’t have a lot of time…call McCarthy and Schiering, and they will recommend a bottle of wine for the wine grab. Call 282-8500 today!

NIGHT OF!  Remember the fun photographer from Bingo Night?  He’ll be at the auction…grab your friends and commemorate this fun event with a photo!  Looking for a fitness package, UW tickets, getaways, jewelry, purses and more more more…it will be at the auction!  “Rockin’ Lots” Silent Auction, special signature John Hay cocktail, entertainment surprises, chance to win $3000 and MORE will round out the evening!

But…you need to RSVP today!


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