Auction Information for YOU!

The 2011 Auction is just around the corner…Have you turned in your RSVP?  Did you know that the auction is not only a fun-filled evening, but also our biggest “fun”draiser of the year! 

If you are a new family to John Hay, we are personally inviting you to this event.  It is a great chance to meet other families and be welcomed into our John Hay community! 

If you are a Kindergarten family, we know it is sometimes overwhelming.  We would like to extend a personal invitation to you to come and meet other families from John Hay.  This is a great opportunity to meet the families that your children will be going to school with for the next 5 years!

Or, if you’ve just forgotten to send in your RSVP, please do it today…the ShowBox Sodo is a hip, cool and fabulous location…not only perfect for a night out, but a night out with lots of great surprises! 


Lynn Baker and Susan Sweeney


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