Partners’ Board Nominations Now open!

Greetings John Hay Community,

The election process for open positions on the John Hay Board and Foundation is beginning now for the 2011-2013 term. The John Hay Partners Board is a decision-making body that represents the school community and directs the activities of its working committees. The Board is made up of nine parents, who are elected, our principal, seven teachers or staff members, who are appointed and up to three community members who are also appointed. At this time we will be conducting elections for four open Parent Director Positions. Parent Directors shall be parents or legal guardians of students of John Hay designated by the parents or legal guardians of students attending John Hay. Board members work with the principal, Building Leadership Team and teachers to help design and implement the school’s C-SIP plan set and oversee the annual Foundation budget, coordinate fund raising that significantly impact the educational opportunities of every child, and, most fundamentally, serve as an ongoing resource to teachers, staff, parents and other members of the John Hay community.

Because of this truly unique partnership between parents, staff and administration, the Partners Board is able to support the many key and innovative programs that John Hay offers its students. Each and every John Hay parent is part of this process, whether as a Board Member or not. We encourage your input in many ways: by attending the monthly meetings and raising your questions and concerns, making use of the suggestion box in the hallway or contacting any board member directly. Together we make a difference in the lives of John Hay students!

Nominations for the 2011-2013 John Hay Partner Board and Foundation are open and will run through April 15th.

Nominations are open for the following positions:

o Co-Chair

o Committee Lead (committee assignments will be determined at our June board meeting once our new team has had a chance to meet and discuss our current committee needs)

Some nomination qualifications to consider:

1. Is able to work collaboratively

2. Has ideas or is capable of brainstorming workable solutions to problems

3. Demonstrates a willingness to engage with a task and follows through with tasks

4. Is positively committed to what works for more than just one’s own child

5. Is positive, encouraging, enthusiastic and eager

6. Has ideas – even if ‘time’ is limited. With enough engaged folks, the time needed to commit to tasks will be shared by many

7. Engages and gets along well with others – this is important for recruiting volunteers and engaging a wide community

8. Is friendly and welcoming – think of this person in the role of liaison or ambassador to all our John Hay Families!

You may pick up and fill out a nomination form for yourself or that fantastic John Hay Parent Booster who you know would be perfect (be sure to talk with them and confirm that he/she would like to serve). Nomination forms are available in both the Volunteer Office and the John Hay Office. You may also download the form below and transmit it electronically to the Volunteer Office at: Nominations will be finalized and elections will begin April 25 and run through May 6. Election results will be posted May 13, 2011.

John Hay Partners’ Board Nomination Form — click to print

Your School Needs You,

John E. Burreson                              Kari Hanson
John Hay Elementary                     John Hay Elementary
Partner Board Co-Chair                 Principal,
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