Heads Up!

We have seen several cases of head lice at John Hay and spring break is the perfect time to check your child.  Regularly check your child’s head for lice and nits even if you don’t believe your child has them.  This is an excellent way to keep head lice at a distance.  If you discover nits or lice, treat your child right away with a recommended lice treatment and do daily nit removal with a lice comb for at least two weeks.  Also, please communicate with the school and other families who your child may have been in close contact with. 


  • Lice are primarily spread through head to head contact.
  • Head lice live only on the heads of their human host.
  • Lice do not jump.
  • Lice do not infest pets, carpeting, furniture or toys.
  • Having lice does indicate you are unclean.
  • Head lice are a health nuisance, not a health hazard.

Good resources include the King County Public Health Department website and HeadLice.org.  In addition, there is an excellent article on the American Academy of Pediatric website ( August 2, 2010) titled a “Clinical Report on Head Lice” by Barbara Frankowski, MD.  If you have further questions, please contact me at mrcorbit@seattleschools.org.

Merilee Corbit, RN, BSN, NCSN


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