Thank You!

There are volunteer opportunities and then there are VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! This month several of our parents packed up, perked up, and headed to Islandwood Camp with this year’s 5th graders and teachers Katie Kaiser, Monica Wood and Gini Powers.  I had the opportunity to visit for the day on Wednesday to find the sunny skies (the best weather in at least 5 years ) and sunny smiles on the faces of our chaperones: Michael Connell, Kathleen Morris, Karen Goldberg, Nicole Wagner, Theresa Marzio, Erin Hennessey and  Marcos Zuniga.  While Islandwood is an amazing and memorable educational and community-buiding experience for students, it is a high calling for the adults who attend.  Keeping a watchful eye on 11 and 12 year olds on hiking trails, crawling through hollow logs, braving pitch-black night hikes, and exploring a historical harbor after walking 1.5 miles is calling enough.  But that list doesn’t even begin to describe the adventures around dining tables, in lodges and sleeping (?) rooms, or in trying to promote the benefits of showering!  Thank you to our teachers and our parent chaperones who took the time off from the typical to give kids a chance at a week of tremendous!  We appreciate you all taking time to give the gift of Islandwood to another very happy group of 5th grade Hay students.

And, I would be remiss in not thanking our 5th grade students who, by all accounts, conducted themselves beautifully, engaged in their lessons, made new friends from another school, and even slept at night!  Thank you for representing John Hay so very well!


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