Look Ahead to Fall 2011

Proposed New School Start/End Times for the 2011-12 school year:

First Morning Bell 9:25 AM

Tardy Bell 9:30 AM

Dismissal Bell 3:35 PM

In the coming months, this section will be included in the Hay News to provide our families information about next Fall, as it becomes available. 

Fall Attendance Forms

Our fall Attendance and Information Forms (blue form) will be arriving home in the next couple of weeks.  This form, provided to families each year, allows parents and caregivers to provide us information about their plans for next year.  Because our decisions for fall are based upon enrollment numbers, it is VERY important that we know who will be returning next year and who may be leaving John Hay.  This information assists us in planning, staffing, ordering supplies, and the like.  In addition, for any classes scheduled to loop next year (students repeat with the same teacher), parents are provided the option of indicating if they would like to ‘loop’ for the upcoming fall.  Please be reminded we do not invite parents to request teachers.  This includes speaking to spring teachers, or indicating a request or non-request on the Attendance and Information Form.  Thank you for respecting this very important policy.

Kindergarten Looping

After evaluating our practice of looping, and in consultation with the kindergarten, first and second grade teachers, it has been determined that we will begin phasing away from looping beginning in the fall.  The rationale for this decision involves

  1. Providing opportunities for more successful transition experiences before moving to 2nd grade.
  2. The need to provide a more comfortable environment for moving students from one class to another in first grade.
  3. The need to promote improved balances of classrooms in first grade.
  4. Providing teachers the opportunity to specialize at one grade level instead of two.

Rooms 102 and 101 will be the only two kindergarten classes looping into the fall of 2011 with looping discontinued by the spring of 2012.  Should you need further clarification around the phasing out of the practice of looping, please contact Ms. Hanson at klhanson1@seattleschools.org.


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