This Month with the John Hay Big 5

The continued theme – Safety: Bullying Awareness

Last week, at our monthly awards assembly, Ms. Hanson held the second of a series of instructional assemblies around Bullying Awareness entitled Bullies Beware.  Following our awards assembly, our third through fifth graders remained for an extended time of learning where Ms. Hanson led the group in understanding the definition of bullying.  This week, she introduced the concept of Face to Face Bullying and Behind the Back Bullying.  In addition, Ms. Hanson reviewed that not all unkind or mean behaviors are bullying behaviors, and fall into three basic categories:  Conflict, fighting, or bullying. 

Our final assembly on March 28, Ms. Hanson will delve into how to RESPOND to behavior identified as bullying.  We’ll discuss bystander responsibility – a key component to insuring that bullying does NOT happen in our community.

Our culmination assembly, scheduled for April 5 @ 10:30 AM will be a visit from Taproot Theater Company as they present Treasure Ally a drama designed to increase bullying awareness and promote bystander responsibility.  All parents are invited to attend.   

And, please plan to attend our April Parent Education Night on cyber-bullying and other Internet safety concerns.  A representative from the Seattle Police Department will be our guest – it is an important night that all parents will not want to miss.  Circle April 28 on your calendars and plan now to come learn about this important safety topic for you and your children.

The John Hay Big Five:







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