John Hay News March 2011

Dear John Hay Family Member,

Greetings to you from the halls of John Hay!  This week, the media has brought us difficult news around the departure of our Superintendent and our Chief Financial Officer.  As I have followed the emerging story, I’ve been saddened by what has come to light and have felt somewhat breathless over the sudden and sweeping changes.  Now looking forward, and as we embark into the future under new leadership, I want to pass along to you my personal sense of confidence and reassurance in the appointment of Dr. Susan Enfield as the Interim Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.  Dr. Enfield is a very capable, very communicative, and highly qualified educator who will continue to raise expectations for all while seeking to support the best possible instructional practices and processes throughout our district. 

But while the news has been swirling and big decisions have been contemplated within the walls of our District Headquarters, school life here at Hay has been uplifting and full of positive and productive energy!  We have just entered the budgeting season for the 2011-2012 school year.  John Hay’s unique and creative programs that provide for the needs of all learners are only possible because of our committed and engaged Partners (all of you!) who work tirelessly to raise funds, volunteer, and engage in the learning community.  Through fund raising events such as the Move-a-Thon, the new Friends of John Hay Giving Program, the new Bingo Night and our invigorating Spring Auction, our Foundation has made a significant impact in student learning.  The Foundation funds additional staffing, programs, equipment and supplies that the district does not provide but have been a vital part of what makes John Hay so successful.

  • 14:1 Reading Classes in first grade
  • Reading Specialist Support
  • Art Classes
  • Spanish Classes
  • Drama Classes
  • Vocal Music Classes
  • Enrichment classes for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade in math and reading
  • Accelerated Reading Classes for 4th and 5th grade
  • Math and Reading tutorial support
  • Tech Support
  • Library and PE Supplies

 It is truly amazing to see and be a part of a community that works so hard to create such a rich learning environment — even in times of financial shortfall as we are experiencing in schools today! 

Finally, allow me to take this opportunity to invite all parents, neighbors, friends and relatives of John Hay students to our spring Auction on the evening of April 30, 2011.  Attending The John Hay Auction is a fabulous way to meet other parents, shop for some fun things you’d likely buy elsewhere, and make purchases of everything from Girl Scout Cookies to Yoga Classes to a Tea Party with the Principal! (Okay, maybe a tea party with Ms. Hanson isn’t your typical purchase).  And remember, 100% of the proceeds go toward funding some wonderful and needed programs for kids.  The Auction offers a chance to enjoy an evening with other adults and has something there for everyone!  Please plan to come!  You can find all the details on our school website.

 As always, we are here to meet and talk with you should you ever find the need,

 Kari Hanson, Principal 

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