John Hay News February 2011

Dear John Hay Family Member,

As we round the corner from January to February, our school year journey of learning and growing is half way complete!  We have found our stride, and are adjusting our instruction and teaching to best fit the needs of our learners, so that all students reach the school year’s conclusion with strength and confidence in all that has been learned this year.  What was academically out of reach for children in September has now come into view, as hard working learners strive each day for academic growth under the caring and attentive tutelage of our teachers and staff.  

As you may recall, last month all John Hay students took the second of three rounds of MAP testing.  Overall, our students’ scores on the Measures of Academic Progress were impressive!  All of our classrooms met or exceeded our expectations for academic growth by  this time of the school year.  However, while each classroom demonstrated higher than expected numbers of students making growth, it is always the case that the MAP, classroom assessments, or teacher observation reveal students who may need support or instructional changes to bolster academic progress.  

Last Wednesday, during our early release afternoon, teachers and staff met in grade level teams to brainstorm, discuss and work toward implementing instructional ‘moves’ that will provide what is needed to enhance learning and growth for students lagging a bit behind.  This organic and dynamic systems-based approach to differentiating practice for all students is precisely what effective schools do to insure all children are learning and developing.  Later, in May, all students will take the final round of MAP testing for this school year.  Winter MAP scores are available for parent view on the SOURCE.  If you have not yet set up a SOURCE account, you may do on the district website at 

And let’s always remember that parents are a key part of the John Hay team!  Allow me to applaud you in recognition of the support and encouragement you are providing to your child every day.  The time that many of you spend volunteering here at school, or helping with a committee, or steering a special community event; and the time you take assisting your child with nightly homework makes what we do here at school that much more effective.  Knowing how valuable you are, we have set aside Thursday, February 17, as an evening for parents to come to school to learn even more about how to effectively help children succeed in school.  Ms. Gini Powers will be presenting on approaches to learning mathematics, Ms. Kelly Walter will be opening up a science kit and sharing our wonderful science curriculum with parents (I hear live animals may be involved!),  and Ms. Genny Delaney will share her wealth of expertise around the power of children reading.  Ms. Hanson will be available throughout the evening to answer any and all questions on any topic.  The whole evening is designed with you in mind!  Please plan to come join us from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  Childcare is provided for children ages 4 years and older in Kids Company.  For childcare reservations, please call Kids Co @ 206-283-8328.    

So, on we go into the 2nd half of the school year with solid, best practices in place and fresh evidence demonstrating what we need to do to provide for student learning.  Thank you, as always, for your support and encouragement. 

It is John Hay’s mission to…

Train our children to care for others

Engage learners through effective and innovative teaching

Actively involve and educate our families

Collaborate with others to improve effectiveness, and

Hold our students, teachers and families accountable as we

…develop caring learners who are actively

growing and achieving.

Developed September 2010


Kari Hanson, Principal

Inside this issue of the John Hay News:
Thank you!

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