The John Hay Big 5!

 This Month’s Theme-  Safety:  Bullying Awareness

In the last newsletter, I reported that each month we hold assemblies that are designed to build and enhance our community here at John Hay.  Each month, we honor individual students for classroom achievements and use the assembly as an all school classroom to teach and reinforce important social skills.  This month we will be focusing on the topic of bullying.  Building student awareness of the meaning of bullying is an important element that insures bullying behaviors are identified, reported and responded to effectively.  Because it is common for young children to identify any act of unkindness as act of bullying, it is important that we help our students understand how to recognize bullying behavior and feel empowered to report the behavior.  Also, here at Hay, we respond immediately to investigate all reports of bullying which makes it very important that our children and adults understand and be able to distinguish bullying behavior.  This spring, our Parent Education Night will be focusing on student safety with a presentation on cyber-bullying and other Internet safety concerns.  A detective from the Seattle Police Department will be our guest – it is an important night that all parents will not want to miss.  Circle April 28 on your calendars and plan now to come learn about this important safety topic for you and your children.

The John Hay Big Five:







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