News from Ms. Schooler in the Library

With the kindergarteners I will begin sharing past winners of the Caldecott Medal in anticipation of the announcement of the new winner next week.  The first graders are completing their study of the author and illustrator Gerald McDermott who specializes in trickster folktales from around the world.  We’ve had a lot of fun discovering the characteristics of a trickster tale while enjoying Mr. McDermott’s vibrant and colorful illustrations. 

In our exploration of literary genres, the second graders have also been reading folktales and learning about the various types such as fables, pourquois stories and tall tales.  We will be moving into the genre of biographies soon.  The third graders have been learning about the Dewey Decimal system and are practicing locating non-fiction titles in the library collection.

The fourth graders are working on their information seeking skills.  Some have been using the print encyclopedia as a resource while others are learning the more sophisticated features of the library’s online catalog.  Most of the fifth graders are finishing up a research project that was begun last year – the diary of an animal of their choice modeled after the picture book, Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

The fourth and fifth graders involved in the Global Reading Challenge have been hard at work, madly reading the assigned books and attending working lunches once a week.  Also hard at work are the student Library Aides who have been shelving books during their recess.  I greatly appreciate their sacrifice and commitment.

Ms. Janet Schooler, Librarian


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