Info Re: Snow Days and P/T Conferences

 Seattle Public Schools cancelled school on Tuesday, November 23 and Wednesday November 24 due to inclement weather and poor road conditions.

No make-up days needed. Last day of school will be June 21 as planned*

Parent-teacher conferences will be rescheduled prior to winter break.

Two make-up days needed. Last day of school moves from June 21 to June 23*

*If school is closed on other days this school year due to inclement weather, these dates will change. 

Elementary and K-8 students:   

No make-up days needed.  Make-up days will NOT be added at the end of the school year.  This is due to the fact that students were not scheduled to be in classes those two days – instead, parent-teacher conferences were planned for those days. 

Parent-Teacher conferences will be rescheduled.  Our goal is that 100% of parent-teacher conferences are completed before winter break. Schools will be scheduling a combination of Saturday, late afternoon and evening opportunities to accomplish this.  The decision about this scheduling will be agreed by the school, please watch for announcements from your principal or teacher.  

Middle School and High School Students: 

Two make-up days are required. These are scheduled for June 22 and June 23. The last day of school for middle and high school students moves from June 21 to June 23.

 Questions?  Please check with the office at your school. 

 Seattle Public Schools Public Affairs Office


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