5th grade Food Drive pick-up is in need of volunteers!

John Hay 5th graders braved the rain Tuesday to distribute hundreds of donation bags for this year’s food drive to support the Queen Anne Helpline.   Students and their chaperones (walkers and drivers) will retrace their steps this Friday (December 3rd) to pick up non-perishable food donations.  We Need Chaperones!  

We need at least one more driver to follow the students along their route as they collect (hopefully) overflowing donation bags.  Driving chaperones will be transporting food only – no kids.  To help keep the students safe and to expedite the process we really need adult chaperones to walk with them and help them with the bags – ideally we’d have one for each group so we need eight walkers.

We plan to leave John Hay at 11:15 and students have to be back to their classrooms by 12:25 at the latest.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are able to help.  Questions?  Please contact Kathleen Morris at tkmorris1617@msn.com
If you didn’t receive a donation bag by your front door yesterday, please consider dropping off a non-perishable food donation in the boxes located next to the John Hay office.  The Queen Anne Helpline especially needs high protein items (peanut butter, hearty soups, canned chili and pasta sauces with meat or cheese, tuna fish, canned meats), non-sugared cereals and canned fruit.  All food donations will be delivered to the Helpline on the afternoon of Friday, December 3rd.
Thank you for helping make this year’s food drive a success!

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