Move-a-Thon Thank You!

At today’s assembly we celebrated the efforts of everyone… students, teachers, and families which made this year’s Move-a-Thon an outstanding event.  With many cheers, a number of thank you’s and a few awards , we touted all of our achievements, including 1,270 miles run, 375 envelopes turned in and $71,000 raised so far!

The Move-a-Thon committee would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the community of John Hay families for your time, efforts and support.  Once again, the Move-a-Thon rallied our community for a great school year, led by a tu-tu wearing 10 mile running PE teacher, the rocker alter-egos of many a John Hay teacher and the super hero powers of our principal.  All resulting in the cheers of many happy kids yelling, ” this is the best day ever!”

Check out the current edition of the Queen Anne News for a public thank you to our many generous public sponsors and volunteers.

Last (but not least) we are still accepting Move-a-Thon envelopes if you have yet to turn yours in!

2010 Move-a-Thon Committee


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