Full Day Pay for K Info

The district has asked us to share this information regarding Pay for K:

SPS does not plan to mail monthly invoices or reminders instead the expectation is a monthly fee is due on the last day of the preceding month.  For example, December fees are due November 30th.  However, SPS accounting department has plans to mail 1st quarter statements regarding each student’s account, and at that time include credit card payment information and instructions.  Credit card payment options should be available by January 2011.   
Currently, cash or checks (Checks Payable to: Seattle Public Schools – Full Day K) are two payment options.  REMINDER: Please always include the student’s first/last name and ID # on the face of check remittances for efficient application to the account balance due.    
Mail to:
FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN, Seattle School District Accounting

PO BOX 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.


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