PENNY HARVEST Frequently Asked Questions

Penny Harvest containers came home with the kids Monday.  Below are the messages they were given about the harvest. 

What is the Penny Harvest?

Penny Harvest is a program where we learn that kids can make a difference for other people in our community.  The first part of the Penny Harvest is to collect change to give away to charities that need our help.  The second part is to figure out which charities should get our John Hay money.

 Why do we do the Penny Harvest each year?

It is part of our John Hay mission of public stewardship – to help others – and the money we collect through the Penny Harvest goes to help others in Seattle.

 Is it just pennies?

No, collect any coins – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.  We’ll also take dollars and even checks for the Penny Harvest!

 Where can we collect coins?

There are lots of ways to collect coins!  For example, you could: 

–          Ask your family members or friends for their spare change;

–          Ask your neighbors or go door-to-door with your parent;

–          Earn change!  Ask a parent, neighbor or friend if you can do a chore to earn change;

–          Collect change outside a store (make sure to ask if ok with store); or,

–          Look for change in the couch, on the ground, all around us.

Every penny makes a difference!

 What do you do with the coins you collect?

Bring your bag to school and empty it into your classroom container.  You’ll get a sticker to wear showing you made a difference!

 Is there a competition this year?

Yes!  See which grade can bring in the most coins.  Last year it was third graders – can these now fourth graders keep it up this year?

 What happens with the pennies we collect?

All the money will be given to charities.  In the Spring, a group of John Hay 4th/5th graders will decide (with everyone in the school’s help) where the money gets donated.


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