Problems with School Photos

Dear John Hay Families.

On behalf of the Yuen Lui administration, we need to apologize for the lack of organization of school photos.

First of all ,we received the photo packages far too late for our teachers to distribute the photos in a timely manner.  Some of you haven’t even received your photos or just received them only yesterday.  Because of that fact, we will have another RETAKE DAY ON NOVEMBER 16th in the afternoon.  IF YOU WANT RETAKES PLEASE RETURN YOUR  PHOTO PACKAGE.  It would be very helpful if you talked to your child/children and informed them that they will be having their pictures taken again.

Everyone SHOULD have received a proof sheet/order form.  This would allow you to order pictures through the Volunteer Office or online if you had not already done so.


Every child at John Hay must have their picture taken for “in school” use ( attendance and library) regardless if you want to buy them.

If you received only a proof sheet (or nothing at all) and not the picture package you ordered, we need this information as well.  If at all possible we would like this information by Friday, November 5th so we can look into and solve the problem.

Lastly if you received more pictures than you purchased, consider it a gift.
On the bright side, most of the pictures are of much higher quality then we have had in the past.

Thank you for your understanding.  We will do everything possible to fix these problems as painlessly as possible.


Susan Sweeney in VO ~~Email me directly at


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