Move-a-Thon 2010…The West Coast Tour is FRIDAY!

The big day is coming this Friday!  You have 1 day left to get pledges per lap (but you can always get flat amount donations after October 22nd).   So send out those emails, visit your friends and family and let’s raise money to fund our music and drama programs!  This year we are asking everyone to stretch and see if they can raise $200 per student and help us hit our goal of $90,000!  But in order to do this we need everyone’s participation!

After you gather up those pledges, PLEASE remember to fill out your corporate matching paperwork!  This helped us raise an additional $15,000 last year!

Here are the details of the big event:

  •  We run rain or shine!  So if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate (remember last year!) you may consider packing extra socks, shoes, clothes and a raincoat.
  • We would like as many parents as possible to run with the kids.  Parent laps count toward hitting our goal of 1,135 miles.  Parents who run with their kids should fill out a parent lap count form available from the head lap count volunteer in each class.
  • All volunteers should check in at the volunteer table.
  • Here is the Run Schedule –

K/Pre-K                       9:35-9:55

1st grade                     10:05-10:25

3rd grade                     11:15-11:45

2nd grade                     1:00-1:30

4th /5th grades             2:00-2:30 

The music will be pumping!  The kid’s will be running!  We’re ready to go…..So let’s get our pledges and have a blast!


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