Lunchroom News October 2010

 School Lunch = Good for Kids + Good for your Wallet

As the cost of everything increases-there is one meal that is still a great value: both nutritionally and economically!  School lunch is still a bargain at $2.75! 

Every school lunch includes FIVE GREAT CHOICES everyday:

  • Milk  1% white or fat free chocolate
  • Vegetables – from jicama sticks to cherry tomatoes
  • Fruit – Locally grown apples, plums, pears
  • Grains – whole grain bread in rolls, and buns
  • Meat – good sources of protein, chicken, beans chili

School lunches must meet nutrition guidelines based on Dietary Guidelines for Americans. No more than 30% of calories can come from fat and less than 10% from saturated fat. 

Students who eat school lunches consume less calories from fat than students who bring lunch from home.  Compared to lunches from home, school lunches contain:

  • Three times as many dairy products
  • Twice as much fruit
  • Seven time the vegetable amounts

 Save Money: Eat School Lunch

  • On average it costs less to buy a school lunch that to bring a lunch from home.
  • The estimated national average of a school lunch from home was $3.43 last year.1

 SCHOOL LUNCH= Good for Kids + Good for Your Wallet!




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