Art education advances

Hello Families!

On November 4, Thursday, join me from 6-8pm in Pioneer Square for the Art Walk!  Some of our students (3rd grade, maybe others) will have artwork on display at Something Old, Something New (3rd and Washington), a thrift store in the art walk route.  Wow!!

I hope you are all enjoying Picasso at SAM!  We are studying Japan right now, so any connections you can make with your child(ren)–visiting SAAM, or Tacoma Art Museum’s Edo to Tacoma printmaking exhibit, or the Burke’s weaving exhibit, or a Japanese garden, etc.–would be fabulous.  Arrigato gozimasu (thank you)!

I’ll be running with room 114 at 2pm on Friday for the Move-a-thon; please sponsor me if you wish.  I have a sign up sheet in the art room, or just email me shbadger@seattleschools

Lastly, the art room is coming along but can always use more help.  Did you see my wish list downstairs?  Can you spare some time to help classes?  Do you want to prep things at home?  Do you enjoy hanging completed student work?  Want to help our Sister School in South Seattle, Dunlap Elementary?  See me!




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