Who’s on your pledge list for Move-a-Thon?

Ok, so you found your Move-a-Thon Pledge Envelope.  Did you call Grandma Fern yet?  How about sending that really compelling email to Aunt Betty?   Have your parents filled out the paperwork for their company’s corporate matching program yet?  Well, if you have done all that, give yourself a big hand and know that you’re on your way to making your Move-a-Thon goal, if not, that’s ok too. 

You may want to call Grandma Fern directly, but if she’s hip and cool and on email then click here for the easy letter that explains exactly what Move-a-Thon is.  You can use this letter to send emails or print it and mail it to your friends and family.  Now ask your parents about their Corporate Matching Programs.  Here’s a tip, tell them that we raised over $15,000 in corporate matching alone last year!

So, if we are all going to do our part and raise approximately $200 per student, we may need to branch out.  Here is a list of potential donors, some we already talked about, like Aunt Betty, and some are new to the list.


  1. Dear old Mom and Dad
  2. Grandma Fern
  3. Grandpa Joe
  4. Aunt Betty
  5. Nice Neighbor Nancy
  6. Your other nice neighbors, Joanne, Al, Greg and Mary
  7. Your Uncle Steve with 3 daughters that you have sponsored for everything over the last 10 years!
  8. Your parent’s dear friends in San Francisco that love you like you were their own!
  9. Mom and Dad’s Corporate Matching Program
  10. Your favorite merchants on the Ave

 Whew!  With all of these people to contact to sponsor you, why are you sitting there?  MAKE YOUR LIST AND MAKE YOUR GOAL!

Who’s on your list?


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