Using the Hay Way for Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Please Follow Our Procedures for Optimum Safety!

It was reported last week that a child was nearly hit by a car in the Hay Way because of stepping off the curb too soon.  Allow me to remind all parents who pick up your children to please use the Hay Way as directed.  Specifically:

  1.  Please have your child use the designated Hay Way load area only – the adults and safety patrol are there to assist your child into the cars.
  2. Under no circumstances should children be entering cars outside of the Hay Way Zone.  Cars are then attempting to pull around other cars, causing near accidents.
  3. All walking children MUST use the crosswalks and not cross the street to catch a ride heading west in front of the school – this is very, very dangerous and the child cannot be seen by oncoming traffic. 
  4. There is no drop off, pick up, or parking in the back lot by the dumpsters.  Please do not park in this area. 
  5. There is no drop off or pick up in the bus zone on the south side of the school.  This may seem like a convenient option, but we ask that families only use the Hay Way, as directed.  If you want to avoid the congestion, you may consider having your older children walk to meet you on an adjacent block, away from the school. 

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