Halloween 2010

In the spirit of fun and tradition, John Hay celebrates Halloween each year.  Individual teachers will send out information about individual celebrations the week of (10/25-10/29). If your child’s classroom is dressing up, please remind your child that ANY accessory that looks like a weapon, even a play weapon (regardless of size) is strictly prohibited.  Violations of this policy may result in a student being removed from his/her class party.  These items include: toy knives, spears, guns, swords, light sabers, ninja paraphernalia, etc. We realize that some parents and families do not participate in Halloween or other holiday celebrations.  Everyone is made to feel comfortable whether they participate or not – so the choice is yours.  We always provide an alternative activity in the library.  Just let your teacher know if you or your child would prefer not to be a part of the Halloween celebrations.                


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