What’s your Move-a-Thon Goal?

Last week we kicked off Move-a-Thon 2010…The West Coast Tour with an exciting assembly.  Then we sent everyone their very own Move-a-Thon Pledge Envelope to collect their donations.  NOW it’s time for YOU to get Moving!  So dig that Move-a-Thon Pledge Envelope out of the stacks of papers, get Grandma on the phone, Email Aunt Betty, take a parent with you to visit nice neighbor Nancy and MAKE A PLAN TO MAKE YOUR GOAL!!! 

This year we really do need everyone’s help in attaining our Move-a-Thon goals.  The funds raised through Move-a-Thon directly impact our enrichment programs that we love so much.   Programs like music, art, Spanish, drama, reading, math tutors and Pathways! 

Move-a-Thon 2010 Goals:


  • 100% Student Participation!
  • Run from Seattle to Los Angeles, 1,135 miles total!
  • Raise $90,000 (approximately $200 per student)!


What’s Your Goal?


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