Move-a-Thon 2010 – The West Coast Tour!

Join the Move-a-Thon 2010 West Coast Tour!!!  Our goal is to run 1,135 miles, which is equivalent to running from Seattle to Los Angeles!  As our kids, teachers, parents, administrators and volunteers run around the course we will be counting the laps and miles, and adding up the donations that help us fund so many great programs at John Hay.

October 22 is the big day, so let’s get ready for the tour by getting creative about how we raise funds.  Here are a few ideas for making the most out of our only student-driven fundraiser:

Pledge by the Lap:       Have your child challenge themselves to run a certain amount of laps.  Get supporters to commit to pledging an amount per lap now.  Then after the Move-a-Thon the kids can collect the donations.

Donations in Advance:             Sometimes supporters and/or kids want to secure donations up-front by having their supporters donate a flat amount that is collected before the Move-a-Thon.

Donations by Email or Mail:     Reach out to friends and family far away.  Family, friends and grandparents love to support our schools.  Click  here to find an easy letter that you can cut and paste into an email or print to mail.

Donate for Every Student or Every Lap:            Maybe your supporters want to recognize every student that participates or total laps completed.  Have them donate a small amount per student or lap and see it add up!

Remember the Teachers:          Each teacher is collecting pledges as well.  Make their efforts count and support your teachers!

Corporate Matching Programs:            Many companies will match their employees’ charitable giving.  Move-a-Thon donations qualify for matching. Last year between the Move-a-Thon and auction we raised $15,000 in corporate matching alone!  Take the time to complete any necessary paperwork; these funds really make a difference!

Let’s literally go the extra mile and make Move-a-Thon 2010 one for the records!  

Thank you!

Please make all checks payable to The John Hay Foundation.  This event is sponsored by the John Hay Partners.  The John Hay Foundation is a non-profit organization registered with the Secretary of State.  All funds benefit John Hay Partners-approved programs and all contributions are tax-deductible.  Tax ID# 91-1699359.



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