John Hay News — October 2010

John Hay News

Dear John Hay Family Member,

Bold….courageous….invigorating….challenging…welcoming. These are words that I’ve heard mentioned in September to describe our first month of school. As we have opened our doors this fall, we have embarked down the road toward what it means to be known as a neighborhood school. As a newly defined neighborhood or ‘reference area’ school, John Hay has faced some unprecedented events this September that have called us to new levels of innovation and flexibility. We have been called to revisit what we believe must be in place for effective learning to occur and have demonstrated the willingness to seek out and find the best answers to sustaining optimum learning environments. We have diligently and persistently worked the process that resulted in the welcoming of all of the kindergarten siblings who waited much of the summer to learn where their first day of school would occur, because we know how important it is to keep families together. We have faced the difficult task of reorganizing all of our second, third and fifth grade classrooms to lower class sizes, because we believe in creating and sustaining optimum learning environments. We are enlivening our entry spaces to be more welcoming and have met with the principal over coffee this summer, because we believe in community. We have had much dialogue and communicated with all stakeholders along the way, because we believe in working together to seek and find solutions. And, it’s only October!

As your new principal, I have been impressed with the demonstration of grace, openness and flexibility that have surrounded the moving and shaking we’ve all experienced this fall. Thank you to our students for the courage they’ve shown in moving classrooms midyear. Thank you to the teachers who spent much of September teaching effectively with overloaded classrooms and who have welcomed new students to their classrooms. And thank you to those parents who have allowed me to work the process of finding good answers to unforeseen conditions even when it meant waiting through uncertainty for resolution. As of Friday afternoon, our school has settled and that October hum that every administrator listens and looks for – the sounds associated with excellent teaching and eager learning – is underway. This September has ushered in a great start to what promises to be a great year at John Hay. As September 2010 moves into the record books, we can know that we have started the year already experiencing what one hopes to be the best a school can deliver; the opportunities that help us rise to challenges, grow in our ability to think and act responsibly, and that teach us how to effectively solve complex problems. We’re off to an amazing start!

October 2010

Kari Hanson, Principal

Inside this issue of the John Hay News:

The next Coffee Chat with Ms. Hanson
Curriculum Night and Scheduling Conferences
Parent Education Nights
Advanced Learning Nomination Process
Those New Silly Bands
Health and Safety Updates – Hay Way, Head Lice, and more…
The Final Enrollment Update
‘Partners’ Page

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