Move-a-Thon 2010…We need Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers!

Move-a-thon 2010 is right around the corner and we need your support!  On October 22nd the school yard will be rocking, the kid’s will be moving and we want to make this more successful than ever! 

As you know, Move-a-thon is one of only two fundraisers at John Hay and the money raised directly supports programs that make John Hay special, like Spanish, art, music, drama, technology, advanced learning and reading specialists!  We can make it a huge success with your help!

Sponsor the Move-a-thon – It’s not too late to sponsor Move-a-thon 2010 and get your name on the back of the cool Move-a-thon t-shirt!  Please contact Darcy at  by October 1st.

Volunteer to help Move-a-thon – We would love to have you volunteer and help us meet our Move-a-thon goals.  To volunteer please contact Carol at by October 1st.

Start thinking of ways to secure donations for Move-a-thon– We will be sending more information on creative ways to secure donations for Move-a-thon but start thinking of friends, neighbors, family or corporate matching that can help you meet your donation goal!


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