9/24 Friday enrollment and response update from Principal Hanson

This special report, provided each Friday through September, will provide up to date information from Ms. Hanson around school enrollment, staff changes and adjustments in programs. As we have transitioned to a reference area school, our school has faced a surge in enrollment that has surpassed district projections by approximately 37 students. This update is provided as a way of informing the John Hay community of how the transition is impacting our students, teachers, programs and services.


As of this report, our enrollment is 490 students. Our second grade class overload has been resolved through a reorganization of 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Our fifth grade classes have held steady and continue to be overloaded at 33 and 35.

Plan of Response:

Second Grade: This week, students were shifted to new classrooms as we created a 2/3 classroom in response to the 2nd grade overload. Ms. Laprade received 11 second graders, and shifted 10 third graders to our other two third grade classrooms. This reorganization not only reduces our class numbers to healthy sizes, but leaves room at both grade levels for additional students who may move to Hay over the school year. Thank you to our second and third grade teams, our parents, and our students for their willingness to embrace this change with grace, flexibility and enthusiasm.

Fifth Grade: While we continue to wait for decisions to be made around additional funding, we are continuing to support our 5th grade classes with increased adult support, and smaller size practice groups as needed. Discussions are ongoing regarding responses to this overload with a solution anticipated the first week of October. This delay is due to the need for news around additional resources that may come from the district following the results of the October 1 state-wide count.

In the meantime, Ms. Kaiser and Ms. Powers are doing an amazing job of providing excellent teaching given the challenge of the high class size. Tutor support will remain in place and Ms. Wood will begin providing Pathways support to the classes next week as well as additional math Co-Teaching support in 5th grade.

Next Friday’s update will include a full report on the action plan to be implemented in support of our fifth grade students.


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