9/10 Friday update from Principal Hanson

This special report, provided each Friday through September, will provide up to date information from Ms. Hanson around school enrollment, staff changes and adjustments in programs. As we transition to a reference area school, our school will be facing ripples in program delivery and other challenges as our enrollment shifts. This update is provided as a way of informing the John Hay community of how the transition may impact our students, teachers, programs and services.


As of this report, our enrollment is 492 students. Students have been added to our class rosters each day over the past several weeks, including two new students arriving today. We have secured supplemental support for our 5th grade classes allowing our teachers to teach to the entire class, and have support that allows teachers to divide for independent practice of newly learned skills. We plan to have additional 2nd grade support to begin within the next couple of days.

On Wednesday when our numbers moved from soft to solid, Ms. Hanson began conversations with the district around any district support and/or financial resources to be provided and to initiate a plan of response. The Enrollment office is working to investigate what resources we may be eligible for given our numbers on the 4th day of school (state protocol) and will be in conversation with Ms. Hanson as the process develops toward a workable solution.

In the meantime, and as planned, we will move ahead with the supports initiated last week as we anticipated the need for additional support.

September through October 1 is a very important month for public schools, as state to district funding is determined according to counts on the 4th day and on October 1. Thus, much will remain unknown until counts are taken and decisions are made at the district level and communicated to schools. Also, please remember that the school principal has no power over these decisions. We simply must be prepared with multiple action plans to respond effectively with any resources we receive. In addition, the principal has no decision regarding enrollment and numbers. All of our students are assigned here centrally, and we respond with the best programs possible to serve the students who come.

How can you help?

Please also consider volunteering at school to help with supervision. If you are able to commit to a regular volunteer spot on the playground or the lunchroom this year, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators when they return to service after the first day of school. Both Susan and Lynn can be reached at 252-2108. Thank you!


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