9/3 Friday Update from Ms. Hanson

This special report, provided each Friday through September, will provide up to date information from Ms. Hanson around school enrollment, staff changes and adjustments in programs. As we transition to a reference area school, our school will be facing ripples in program delivery and other challenges as our enrollment shifts. This update is provided as a way of informing the John Hay community of how the transition may impact our students, teachers, programs and services.


As of this report, the district has our enrollment at over 500 students. Our projections place us at around 490 students as of today’s report. This is a significant increase from previous years at Hay. We have added a 4th kindergarten classroom to accommodate the expected students bringing our total classrooms to 19. Over the previous week, our numbers have continued to ebb and flow, and ultimately remain about the same. Our 5th grade classrooms currently have a 33:1 and 34:1 ratio. Our 2nd grade classrooms are currently at 29:1, 30:1, and 30:1. Should numbers remain similar to where they are today, the following changes will occur beginning with the start of school:

1. Pathways service will be directed to 5th grade to provide additional break-out and co-teaching support in mathematics.

2. We have confirmed early tutor help to aid our 5th grade students and teachers in the areas of small group support for learners needing additional, differentiated instruction. We are continuing to secure early adult tutor support for our 2nd grade classes with service targeted to begin Monday September 13, 2010.

3. To provide optimum supervision and support, we will be seeking parents who are willing to provide supervision in the lunchroom and on the playground during our Kindergarten and first grade recess and lunch times. If you are able to commit to a regular volunteer spot on the playground or the lunchroom this year, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators when they return to service after the first day of school. Both Susan and Lynn can be reached at 252-2100. Thank you!

Wait List Status:

This week we were successful in welcoming all of the third grade siblings and kindergarten siblings who have waited all summer for official entrance into Hay! Families just enrolled are receiving or have received teacher assignment and start up information for the year. I would like to extend special recognition and appreciation to Tracy Libros at our district enrollment office who has worked with us diligently over the summer as we’ve monitored our numbers and enrolled students with prudence and propriety.

Also, an extra special thank you to Lynn Howard, our own “enrollment specialist” here at Hay whose experience and commitment to accuracy allowed us to have the information to provide the district that ultimately resulted in moving students in before the start of school. Thank you Lynn!

As you feel so inclined, please take a few moments to thank Tracy and Lynn for their over and above effort in bringing our families together.

We still have a few siblings at 2nd grade who have not yet been invited to enroll given our inflated numbers. These students are currently attending other schools and, given they have already attended elsewhere, fall under policy that will not allow for entrance unless our numbers at 2nd grade decrease.

Staffing Update

As of this report, we have welcomed two new teachers to our school, in addition to the new staff hired last spring. We have had 130 applicants for our kindergarten classroom teacher and 80 applications for our .5 first grade teacher to share the teaching responsibilities in room 105 with Ms. Mirabueno. As you may recall, Ms. Mirabueno has accepted the position of .5 head teacher to replace Ms. Hanson who has moved into the principal position. Ms. Tiffany Ross will be the new kindergarten teacher in room 106 and Ms. Kristen Nolte has accepted the position of .5 first grade teacher to share in the teaching in room 105 with Ms. Mirabueno. Parents in these classrooms should have received letters of introduction from Ms. Hanson and from each teacher. Letters were mailed mid-week.

Last spring, we welcomed Ms. Misa Nakamura back to John Hay after a two year leave. Ms. Nakamura will serve our students with IEPs as one of our two Resource Room teachers. Also last spring, we welcomed Ms. Kimberly Crosser to our 2nd grade teaching team. Ms. Crosser comes to us from nearby Lawton Elementary and will be teaching in room 111.

We are also pleased to welcome Ms. Monica Wood back to the Pathways position which will be serving 4th and 5th grade this year following a reduction in time from .8 fte to .6 fte as decided last spring due to budget shortfalls. Ms. Wood returns to us from personal leave and will be teaching from her new amazing teaching space on the stage.

Over the summer we also had two of our Instructional Aides transferred to another school due to the decline of our enrollment numbers in our Autism/Inclusion program. Shellie Harris and Julie Cox will be missed, and we wish them all the best as they move to join Mary Decker-Perrigo at Laurelhurst Elementary.


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