Materials needed for art projects

Hello Hay Families,

Happy Back-to-School season!  The art room is completely reorganizing for a new year.  Some materials we could make great use of are as follows:

(Used stuff is fine, except for the wire.)
wire for mobiles; colorful socks for sock dolls; small shoes (any kind) for painting/decorating; colorful cotton fabric; eyeglass cases (any kind) for painting/decorating; flat plastic placemats, signs, etc for felting projects (for making bags — the felt will be on both sides of the plastic piece); colorful wool fleece for felting (we have plenty of beige and brown, but only small amounts of bright colors); wool sweaters for felting; embroidery floss, any and all colors, for kumihimo; plain round key rings for lanyards.

Most of all, we can use your help!  Become a part of the volunteer ‘art squad’!  The daily schedule does not rotate this year, so you can be sure to volunteer during your child(ren)’s class art time.  I hope to work with you in the art room soon!




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