Art homework!?!

Hello John Hay families,

Finally, a heat wave!  Hope you are able to enjoy it!

Jack, a former first grader, asked me to post some ‘art homework’ ideas for summer if you are home and need a fun activity or two.  Great idea, Jack!

Art homework ideas:

1. Design a new park or pool for Queen Anne.

2. Draw the businesses on Queen Anne Avenue.  If you do a careful job with your work, you could ask the local businesses if they would like to hang up a copy in their store window or behind the register.  Now you are a local celebrity!

3.  Keep weaving with paper, fabric scraps, or other items you can recycle!

4. Practice Portuguese by checking out language books and tapes from the library.  Or, ask your family if you can take Portuguese lessons!  Or, learn a NEW language!

5. Take an art class, camp, or workshop!  Pratt Fine Arts Center, Gage Art Academy, Seward Park Clay Studio, the local community centers, and other places should have some fun options for you.

6. Paint a self portrait of you in your favorite outdoor locale.

7.  Take photographs of your home or neighborhood.  Print out your favorites and make a collage.  Go to a local thrift store and buy a frame to put your collage inside.  Hang it in your home, or give it to someone who misses you.

8. Check out if there are any local art contest this summer.

9. Visit the art galleries, museums, parks, with your sketchbook and camera and get busy doing your own research!

10. Watch an animation or claymation film.  Storyboard your own animation idea.  Ask family and friends to help you photograph your idea.  Put it into a computer program like iMovie or something and see it come to life!

11. Visit a favorite garden and do some scientific observational drawing.

12. Visit a local senior home, food bank, or shelter and make art with the people there who would love to share in your creative energy.  Be sure to bring paper and supplies you can share!

Okay kids, here are a dozen ideas to get you started.  I am sure you can think of many, many more!  In art, there are no wrong ideas, and the possibilities are infinate!  Enjoy!

Wishing you all the best,


Dr. Badger


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