Letter from Principal Kari Hanson

Dear Families and Friends of John Hay,

It is with great anticipation and excitement I write to you today as the new principal of John Hay Elementary!

My time at John Hay began in the fall of 1994 when I arrived with my oldest daughter for her first day of kindergarten. While I had already been an educator for several years, I was nervous about my child entering the world of school. Would she feel accepted and cared for? Would she develop social skills she needed to be a caring friend and good citizen? Would she find her own success as a learner? Would the adults here care about her and help her when she needed someone? Over the past sixteen years, I have walked alongside parents and families who, each year, bring their own young children with the same questions and hopes that I had. I have worked alongside teachers and volunteers who commit each day to the care and welfare of every child. And I have watched the John Hay community rise to the hopes and expectations that I and every parent have for our children. Since that first day outside room 101, my four children, Ali, Jake, Robyn and Gino, have grown up and thrived atop the solid educational foundation they received at John Hay Elementary…

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