clean, unpack, reorganize, redecorate!

Hello ‘Art Squad’ (art parent volunteers):

Here’s some ‘wrap up’ information, plans, and ways you can help now, this summer, and this fall!

1. We will have a sister-city school relationship with Dunlap Elementary next year.  This includes sharing PTSA organizational tips, community art projects, live straming technology, and more!  See/email me if interested in being on this committee.

2. Come help with art organization on June 23rd!  You can bring your kiddo(s) if they want to help, too.  See/email me if interested.  At 10AM this day we are also going to meet in the foyer/entry way to redecorate to have a HAY WELCOME WAGON crew of visionaries, artists, and designers to de-grey the school’s interior.  (I have some ideas for the staff and copy rooms, too.)  We need YOU!

3.  The art room can use the following materials (start saving now!):  clear containers with lids, rugs for a weaving center, acrylic and wool yarn, cotton fabric/sheets, nice paintbrushes (see me), small mirrors for self-portraiture, and other materials.

4.  The Bellevue Art Museum needs volunteers for their fair July 22-25,

5. Buy some art cards made by Hay students to support our art department (available in volunteer office while supplies last)!

Hope our ‘Art Squad’ grows next year!  We will have designated art days/times so that should help!  🙂


~Shellwyn (Dr. Badger)


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