Volunteer for Field Day Fun!

Mr. Sturm Needs You

Who:  Parent Volunteers to Supervise 18 Activity Stations
(There will be two sets of nine stations, upper and lower fields.  It would be great to have two parents at each station.)
Volunteers please make sure your background check is current.  If not, stop by the Volunteer Office to have it updated.  This cannot be done the day of field day!
When: Field Day – June 11th
Where: Big Howe Park
(Queen Anne Community Center)
What: Stations involve supervising an activity or race, (teachers will be with classes) with all students rotating through nine of the stations.
Extra: Lunch will be served at school, starting at 10:50; you’re welcome to join your child.
I would like all parent volunteers to come to the gym at 11:30 for station assignments and information.
Then we will head for the park.
All volunteers will receive a reminder letter by May 28th.
If you can help please fill this form and return to school as soon as possible: FIELD DAY SPECTACULAR
Steve Sturm

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