Principal Announcement for John Hay 2010-11

 May 7, 2010

 Dear John Hay Community: 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Karen Hanson as the new principal for John Hay Elementary School.

A team from John Hay participated in the selection process. The team developed a profile of the qualities desired in the next school leader, interviewed a series of candidates, and provided feedback on the strengths of each applicant relative to the needs of your school. The candidates were drawn from a highly qualified pool of individuals who participated in a rigorous interview process conducted by principals and administrators.  Led by Education Director, Pat Sander, the finalists that your school team recommended then participated in a Learning Walk at John Hay.  During this walk, they visited classrooms, interacted with students and wrote some reflections on what they observed. The Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer conducted final interviews and made the appointment.

We believe that Ms. Hanson’s background as an enrichment specialist, classroom teacher and head teacher at John Hay for the past 11 years qualifies her to be an excellent principal choice for your school, and will ensure continuity of John Hay’s current educational experience.  Her student-centered approach means that she works for the success of all students at every level; she demonstrates personal integrity and an ability to foster positive change.  

Ms. Hanson’s recent experience includes two years as a head teacher, three years as a classroom teacher and six years as an enrichment specialist at John Hay, plus five years as a classroom teacher at Olympic View Elementary School.  She values relationships with staff, students, families and community, and is committed to ensuring academic success for all students.  Ms. Hanson’s professional preparation includes a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction, and principal certification from Seattle Pacific University.

We want to also take this opportunity to thank Dan Warren for his outstanding educational leadership. His dedication to providing the best possible education for every child has been a gift to John Hay. We wish him all the best in his appointment as principal of Sand Point Elementary School.


Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, Ph.D.                                                     



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