Reminder – Youth and Families Initiative – Mon. May 3rd @ Ballard High School

This is a reminder that our Mayor wants to hear from you.   Mayor Mike McGinn and Estela Ortega will be sharing info on Seattle’s Youth & Families Initiative at this Monday’s, May 3, Community Caucus at Ballard High School .

 This will be the last public Community Caucus to speak on behalf of your school, your community and all our schools and communities.  The Seattle Youth & Families Initiative Community Caucuses are designed specifically to inform our Mayor’s Agenda to improve Seattle for our children and families.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Our Mayor is reaching out to galvanize Seattle’s will to help him make improvements for our children and families via City resources, partnerships, the Families and Education levy and more.

Be a part of the effort to make positive change in Seattle for all our families via Seattle’s Youth & Families Initiative.


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