Youth and Families Initiative

Be among the voices that will inform our Mayor’s agenda Join Mayor McGinn and El Centro de la Raza Executive Director Estela Ortega to hear about the Mayor’s Youth & Families Initiative (YFI) and to participate in a YFI Community Caucus.

Monday, May 3, 7 – 8:30 pm Ballard High School Commons 1418 NW 65th Street, Seattle

Twenty some years ago, Mayor Norm Rice launched his Education Summit which addressed some of the most pressing issues of the day and initiated Seattle’s Families and Education Levy. Today, Mayor McGinn is reaching out once again to Seattleites to inform and shape his work at the City of Seattle FOR the people of Seattle. The Mayor’s Initiative co-chairs are Mayor Norm Rice, Estela Ortega and Bob Watt, as well as Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith. The opportunity to support genuine community engagement as a part of our leadership’s process for positive change is as unusual as it is significant. Join us in working together toward our common goal to create a healthy, positive and equitable environment for all families. Let’s work together as a community for a better Seattle. Interested in volunteering for this Community Caucus or others?

Contact Kerry Cooley-Stroum at League of Education Voters or 206/910-1400 Need more info? Lyn Porterfield or 206/343-7644


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