May is Clay, June Celebrates the Arts!

Hello Hay Families,

In the art room, we will be doing clay projects in May.  This will be strenuous with the sheer numbers of pounds of clay (500#!) involved, messiness, and so on.  If you can help AM or PM one day a week it would help out tremendously.  We will also need families with big vehicles to transport projects ot Seattle Pottery Supply (in Sodo area on 1st) for kiln firing (John Hay has a tiny one, but this will save time).

If clay is not your thing, you can still help matte artwork for the John Hay Celebrates the Arts event on June 3, prep bulletin boards, help make programs and posters for the event. 

Lastly, we could still use:  a few more tennis balls for the furniture in the art room (it works, thank you!), and canvas or cotton fabric for tables for clay, or water spray bottles for clay.  Other ideas, contact me at


Shellwyn “Dr. Badger”


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