Principal Selection Update #3

Here’s the latest on the selection process for our new John Hay principal.

Under the direction of Pat Sander (the Elementary Education Director responsible for John Hay)  an interview team comprised of staff, teachers, specialists and parents was formed.  The team members were Wendi Abella, Dotty Ewbank, Staci Jones, Katie Kaiser, Janet Schooler, and Kevin Whitworth.

That team performed a paper screening, based on the John Hay principal characteristics previously developed, of the best twenty candidates.  Those candidates were selected from a pool of more than a hundred that had been pre-screened by the district.

Next, the team participated in formal interviews for the candidates that had passed the paper screening.  Based on those interviews, the top three candidates, in alphabetical order, were given to the superintendent.  The team was very satisified with the quality and fit of each of the three potential candidates.

The candidates are now scheduled to participate with Pat Sander in a “learning walk” through John Hay, where they will be further assesed.

We do not yet have a time-line for a final decision.  As always, please contact our partners co-chair, Kevin Whitworth, with any questions.

(Kevin’s full contact information can be found in your John Hay directory)


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