This is The Year to Support the John Hay Auction

The Auction is coming up on Saturday, May 1 and you don’t want to miss it. Why?

Your Participation Makes a Tangible Difference

We encourage you to make a special effort this year to donate or procure an Auction item, attend the Auction, bid on the amazing array of items that will be available – and have a great time – all while supporting our kids.

Consider the Impact

Due to District shortfalls, the very programs that are fundamental to our success are at risk of being cut or eliminated.

We Have What It Takes

Every donation to our school counts. Ultimately it is our commitment to quality education and the collective generosity of our school community that enable every student at John Hay to reach his or her potential.

The Returns are Extraordinary

Year after year, our students shine! Thank you for supporting John Hay, our teachers, our staff and our children.

This year’s Auction Committee is working extra hard to throw a great party – while keeping expenses as low as possible – so that every available penny goes directly to support John Hay.

Please show your support by purchasing your Auction tickets today!


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