Don’t Forget – 5 Spot Fundraiser for John Hay March 24

The 5 Spot, located in upper Queen Anne, is conducting a unique fundraiser for Hay and Coe Elementary Schools.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, March 23rd and 24th, the two schools will compete to see which school is able to raise the most money by dining at the 5 Spot on their respective nights.  On these nights, the 5 Spot will contribute 25% of all food and beverage sales (starting at 4 p.m.) to each school on their respective dates, so .25 of each dollar spent will be contributed to Coe on Tuesday, March 23rd, and John Hay on Wednesday, March 24th.

Additionally, the children in the classroom from the winning school that has the highest level of family participation, (families will be asked to write their teacher’s name at the top of their guest checks) will win a $10 Chow Foods gift card for each child in the class of the highest participation level classroom.

Please join us on March 24th, (Hay Night) to help raise money for John Hay!


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