Principal Selection Update #2

Here’s the latest on the selection process for our new principal.

— A group of parents and teachers met with Pat Sander (the Elementary Education Director responsible for John Hay) the first week of March.  We presented and walked through a list of characteristics we thought were important for our next principal.

— The first round of interviews was conducted at the district offices, which Dan had a chance to participate in.

The next step in the process will be site based interviews with a team consisting of 3 teachers/staff and 2 parents.  The interview dates are not established yet, but might be within the next three weeks.  A team is forming to start to prepare a list of potential interview questions.

We need your input!  If you have any thoughts on the list of characteristics or what you might ask our next potential John Hay principle, please contact our partners co-chair, Kevin Whitworth.

(Kevin’s full contact information can be found in your John Hay directory)


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