Skating Unit Starts Soon!

Gym News:

 Dear Parents,

 On February 1st, we will be starting our yearly skating unit, lasting three weeks.  This year as usual, the children can bring their own roller skates, or use the skates provided. In addition, children with roller blades are welcome to bring them provided they bring all their protective gear, i.e. elbow, wrist and kneepads, and helmet. This gear is required for individuals to use their roller blades at school, as these items are an important part of roller blading equipment.  Anyone else who has this equipment is encouraged to bring it for his or her protection with regular roller skates. 

This year all children MUST wear a helmet to roller skate.  I strongly encourage all students to bring a helmet that they can get on by themselves; this will speed up things as we will be getting on skates and pads at the same time.  If your child does not have a helmet, I have some extras they can use.  Please have all equipment marked with your child’s name.         

Please don’t feel you need to buy skates or protective equipment, for our school skating unit.  I will have some knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards.  One last important piece of equipment that will help your child during skating is an extra pair of socks, they help in the fitting of skates and aid in the prevention of blisters.

If you are at school volunteering in your child’s class for these weeks, feel free to stop by the gym and help tie skates, hold up a few kids or watch Mr. Sturm fall.

Thanks for your support of this program.  If you have any questions call me at school.  The number is (206) 252-2112.

Steve Sturm

P.E. Specialist


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