Needed – Classroom Volunteers to Lead Auction Art Projects

It is time to begin organizing for our classroom art project for the 2010 John Hay Auction.  For those of you new to the school, each classroom donates an art piece to be auctioned off at the event.  These pieces involve our students in producing art with the help of parent volunteers.  They are big money raisers and a focal point of the auction each year!

We are looking for volunteers willing to head up your classroom art project.  Work will be primarily during the months of February and March and is to be completed by the beginning of April.

If you have artistic talent, interest, or just enjoy working with the kids and art, please consider volunteering.  The art coordinators, Julie Burg & Kim Clements, along with Dr. Badger our art instructor have many great ideas to get you started. They have planned a supportive “get ideas flowing” introductory meeting for all the class art volunteers as well as 2 workshops between now and the deadline where classroom art volunteers can come together for support, space to work, or for some additional helping hands. 

Please raise your hand….get a partner to work with…. join us to help our kids make great art!

If you have an interest or additional questions, please contact Julie Burg at  or Kim Clements at


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